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 Have we been overrun in North Carolina?

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Join date : 2009-04-22
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Location : Piedmont NC

PostSubject: Have we been overrun in North Carolina?   Sat Jul 11, 2009 12:05 pm

Here is a breaking news story that clearly defines the extent to which we are changing demographically.

Obviously Food Lion does not anticipate a shift away from expanding Latino populations within our state, in spite of the false media reports that illegal aliens are leaving in droves.

Be mindful also that if there was not a large and growing pool of capital to tap in this market, major corporations would not be moving swiftly to profit from it. As with the health industry, which profits greatly from the Medicaid fraud visited upon us by illegal aliens in the name of social welfare and human rights, now the grocery industry has heard the knock of opportunity. I can hear the swish of all those EBT cards swiping through the scanners even as I write this message, and I also hear that sucking sound as taxpayer money flies from their wallets and paychecks. So much for "hope and change".

Food Lion caters to Latinos

10 more Triangle grocery stores will switch to the successful format
BY SUE STOCK - Staff Writer

Published: Sat, Jul. 11, 2009 05:53AM
Modified Sat, Jul. 11, 2009 05:53AM

A year after it began testing a new store format geared toward Hispanic shoppers, Food Lion is expanding it in two more North Carolina markets and making plans to convert 10 more Triangle stores.

Responding in part to growth in the more than $30 billion Hispanic grocery market, the Salisbury-based grocer began testing the format in August of last year, converting five Triangle stores into ones carrying a much wider array of Hispanic products.

Along with significantly bulked-up selections of dry goods such as beans, tortillas and spices, the stores also carry cuts of meat and produce items popular with Hispanic shoppers.

The employees at those stores also undergo training both in the Spanish language and Hispanic culture.

In-store signs and television advertisements marketed directly to Hispanic households tout Food Lion's message of "Sabor Latino," which means "Latin Flavor."

Marketing manager Daniel Herrera declined to offer specifics but said the five stores are "performing extremely well" -- well enough that officials feel comfortable expanding the test program.

Last week, the company opened 13 stores in the Piedmont area all featuring the Hispanic focus, and it didn't take long to see a sales increase.

"The key elements get translated into results almost within a week," Herrera said. "This community is really tight, and the word of mouth travels very quickly."

Food Lion will convert another 22 stores, including 10 in the Triangle, this month, with plans to reopen those stores officially on Aug. 12.

It will also revamp 19 stores in the Charlotte market this summer, reopening those in September.

When all of those conversions have been done, 59 stores, or roughly 10 percent of Food Lion's 503 North Carolina locations, will have the Hispanic focus.

Herrera declined to say how much the store conversions cost or to comment on any plans to expand the new store model further.

The move is a smart one being made by several grocery store chains nationally, said Bill Greer, spokesman for the Food Marketing Institute.

At the very least, most retailers are placing more emphasis on ethnic groceries, he said, citing the institute's annual study on the grocery business, which showed that 61.8 percent of food retailers are increasing ethnic products as a competitive strategy.

"The demand is strong," Greer said. "Food is a very important part of the Hispanic culture. ... We've had several mainstream chains develop whole formats around Hispanic food."

And, Greer added, Hispanic products are also getting a boost from non-Hispanic customers looking for new options.

"Hispanic foods in many respects have gone mainstream."
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Join date : 2009-06-13
Posts : 47
Location : Charlotte

PostSubject: Re: Have we been overrun in North Carolina?   Sat Jul 11, 2009 12:58 pm

Even my health food store went nuts a few years ago adding signs in Spanish. No one catered to me in Europe. At the stores I would carry a small dictionary with me. And try to find a graham cracker in Austria, no one knew what I was talking about. I survived quite well on sausages, goulasch and other local dishes, and never gave a thought to a slice of pizza or a burger with fries.
Americans never scream about anything and all I am hearing from the vocal Hispanics is that how dare we not cater to their peculiarities. What ever happened to the notion that you come here and do as the Romans do? It is not even thought about as so many, especially Mexicans, are here illegally to earn money and one day return to the old country if the jobs run out. The last thing they want is to become Americans, but rather turn America into a version of the old country.
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March Mellow

Join date : 2009-04-26
Posts : 209
Location : Char-Meck

PostSubject: Re: Have we been overrun in North Carolina?   Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:56 pm

My local Food Lion is staffed by Americans that speak English. I like it that way.
There was just a policy put in place for every employee to say "Welcome to Food Lion" which is a bit silly when you get welcomed up an down every aisle by stockers and employees that happen to be there, after you have been welcomed at the door and even in the parking lot by the guy bringing in the carts.
From what the article alleges is that employees will be taught to Hispanic traditions, and if demand is great enough, I see an employee being laid off for not speaking Spanish, or even perhaps not appreciating Hispanic culture enough.
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PostSubject: Re: Have we been overrun in North Carolina?   

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Have we been overrun in North Carolina?
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