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 I got an email from Pres. Obama regarding Health reform.....

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Join date : 2009-05-04
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Location : Pittsboro/Silk Hope
Age : 64

PostSubject: I got an email from Pres. Obama regarding Health reform.....   Thu May 14, 2009 9:25 am

I got an email from the White House that I would like to share and see what others think of it. Here it is:

From: President Barack Obama []
Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 7:01 PM
To: [mod edit] xxxxxxx xxx
Subject: Health care news worth sharing

Good afternoon,

You are receiving this email because you signed up at My staff and I plan to use these messages as a way to directly communicate about important issues and opportunities, and today I have some encouraging updates about health care reform.

The Vice President and I just met with leaders from the House of Representatives and received their commitment to pass a comprehensive health care reform bill by July 31.

We also have an unprecedented commitment from health care industry leaders, many of whom opposed health reform in the past. Monday, I met with some of these health care stakeholders, and they pledged to do their part to reduce the health care spending growth rate, saving more than two trillion dollars over the next ten years -- around $2,500 for each American family. Then on Tuesday, leaders from some of America's top companies came to the White House to showcase innovative ways to reduce health care costs by improving the health of their workers.

Now the House and Senate are beginning a critical debate that will determine the health of our nation's economy and its families. This process should be transparent and inclusive and its product must drive down costs, assure quality and affordable health care for everyone, and guarantee all of us a choice of doctors and plans.

Reforming health care should also involve you. Think of other people who may want to stay up to date on health care reform and other national issues and tell them to join us here:

Health care reform can't come soon enough. We spend more on health care than any country, but families continue to struggle with skyrocketing premiums and nearly 46 million are without insurance entirely. It is a priority for the American people and a pillar of the new foundation we are seeking to build for our economy.

We'll continue to keep you posted about this and other important issues.

Thank you,
Barack Obama

P.S. If you'd like to get more in-depth information about health reform and how you can participate, be sure to visit

The White House · 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW · Washington, DC 20500 · 202-456-1111

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Join date : 2009-05-13
Posts : 6
Location : Greensboro

PostSubject: Re: I got an email from Pres. Obama regarding Health reform.....   Thu May 14, 2009 12:12 pm

I got the same letter. I would respond if it would make a difference! Letters to Obama go in the same black hole my letters to Hagan go in!!! What a bunch of they think we are all stupid? I'm not a member of ACORN and can't be bought off. Obama and the Dems can spin the health care any way they want but we know what it really is. I'm 59 and the government will end up deciding, if I get sick, weather I am worth treating.
If we keep going the way Calif. has we'll be in the same mess they're in with no one to bail us out. Let all those so called "Stars" bail out Calif. We keep paying for all the illegals and their health care and now you see what has happened. Hollywood wants to give everything away for free so let them pay the bills. The only good thing that could come out of this mess is "maybe" the illegals will stay in their own country since it won't be much better here!
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Join date : 2009-05-05
Posts : 8
Location : greensboro

PostSubject: Re: I got an email from Pres. Obama regarding Health reform.....   Thu May 28, 2009 3:53 pm

Drudge today just had a link ( saying that health care "MUST" be reformed this year. He's also apparently hoping to organize a "grassroots" effort (see to push for his horrible healthcare reform policies. This is scheduled for June 6th. All of us must fight vigorously to make sure that the government doesn't take control of our health care. It is just too scary to even think about. We must have real choice in doctors, hospitals and treatments for ourselves and our families! I believe that many of the horrible/scary/socialist changes that are happening now can be reversed (we can re-privatize or liquidate GM for example) but I am terrified that once people feel they are really really entitled to government healthcare, crappy as it will be, they won't give it up and then all is lost.
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Join date : 2009-05-13
Posts : 6
Location : Greensboro

PostSubject: Re: I got an email from Pres. Obama regarding Health reform.....   Thu May 28, 2009 8:38 pm

I know what you mean...I heard the same report. We have to fax and call congress to let them know we don't want Obama's healthcare plan! You probably already know there's no point in emails to Hagan! May as well send them to yourself. I don't think Burr or Coble are on board with the healthcare plan. Hagan will do whatever the Party tells her to do! Maybe calls to her office and faxes would do better.
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PostSubject: Re: I got an email from Pres. Obama regarding Health reform.....   

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I got an email from Pres. Obama regarding Health reform.....
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